By signing up and actively using the Trafficwages website, you agree to all of our terms and conditions stated below. Trafficwages can change the Terms of Service at anytime with or without any prior notice so please regularly check Terms of Service. If you don't accept any of the following Terms please do not join with us and do not proceed with any purchase. You agree and acknowledge that you will review this agreement on a regular basis and you further agree that upon logging in and viewing the site you are deemed to have reviewed and accepted the latest revisions/modifications to this Terms of service.

You must be 18 years old to participate and own an account in Trafficwages. Trafficwages is available worldwide and is not available where prohibited by local governing law.

2.1. Your are not allowed to register multiple accounts on the same IP or in the same household.

2.2. Your account may not be sold or transferred to another person, any attempts to do so will results in suspension of your account.

2.3. Your username & e-mail cannot be changed, all other profile details available can be changed by accesing in your account `My Profile`. Your password is stored in irreversible format therfor if you loose it you can only recover it by using our lost password feature found in the login page, or contacting our support team.

2.4. If we will detect any attempts of fraud, system abuse, defamation, harassment, foul language, inappropriate conduct in our forum or helpdesk or any type of account activity deemed to be inappropriate or illegal in the sole discretion of Trafficwages, these actions may result in member termination and possible legal action as well as forfeiture of any earned commissions not yet disbursed to you from Trafficwages. It case of needed or in order to proove any information or evidence in the court regarding your account will be shared and provided.

2.5. You can't change your sponsor unless there was an issue with our system, so make sure on registration you have the correct sponsor shown.

2.6. Inactivity:

Only "active" accounts shall be eligible to receive paid advertisements. If your account should go to inactive status, you will not receive any further paid advertisements until such time that you click on an Star point ads.

2.7. Paid Advertisements are issued to active user accounts for a limited period of 18 hours. If the user does not interact with the advertisement in that time, it shall be "recycled" and re-issued on auctions.

2.8. Star Ad Points:

Star ad points are required to take delivery of "Star Paid Ads". Each Star Ad Point your account holds entitles you to receive up to $0.01 worth of paid advertisements, as soon as any are available to be issued. With each Paid ads issued to your account, irrelevant of whether you interact with it or not, the corresponding quantity of Star Ad Points will be deducted from your Star Ad Points balance. Once this balance reaches zero, you will no longer be eligible to receive any further paid ads. Furthermore, the total quantity of Star Ad Points held within your account serves as a limit to the maximum value paid advertisements your account can receive. So if there are paid ads in circulation that are greater in value than the total of your available Star Ad Points balance. Then your account shall not be eligible to receive them until such time that you increase your Star Ad Points balance.

2.9. Account selling or renting:

Trafficwages does not allow you to sell or rent your account. In the event you attempt to sell or rent your account, the account will be limited with no access. Trafficwages is free to join and the selling or renting of your account to make a profit from your activities here is strictly prohibited.

2.10. Sponsor changes:

The changing of or removing an affiliate sponsor is not permitted.

3.1 You will always have the right to express yourself without offending other users.

3.2 Such actions for the purpose of publicity, provocation, attempts to get referrals, money offers and request of services are not allowed. Spamming the forum with nonsense posts, duplicated messages, illegal content, sharing email addresses, social website links is also not allowed.

3.3 Any implication of racism, sexism or abusive comments will never be tolerated and will lead to suspension of forum use as well as permanent account suspension. Trafficwages will not tolerate any disrespectful attitudes, insults, and meaningless inflammatory posts towards either the members or associates.

3.4 Intimidation, accusation without proof, threat or disrespect against Trafficwages, here or elsewhere will be seen as disrespectful and may lead to the removal of the privilege of using the Forum and the permanent suspension of your account, temporary suspension of membership or any other benefits.

Trafficwages will not be liable for lost profits, lost business opportunities, or any other indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or related to this Agreement or Trafficwages, even if Trafficwages has been advised of the possibility of such damages.Furthermore, Trafficwages aggregate liability arising under this Agreement will not exceed the amount of the total fees paid or payable to you under this Agreement.The provisions of this section survive termination or expiration of the Agreement. We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the member program or any services or other items advertised through Trafficwages (including, without limitation, warranties of fitness, merchantability, non-infringement, or any implied warranties arising out of a course of performance, dealing, or trade usage). In addition, we make no representation that the operation of our site will be uninterrupted or error-free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors. Trafficwages is not responsible if your PC becomes infected with malware, virus or other program that affects the performance of your PC. It is the member's responsibility to maintain a good anti-virus and anti-malware program on their system.

You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Trafficwages, its officers, directors, employees, agents, members, successors and assigns, from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages or expenses (including attorney's fees and costs) of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by us (collectively the "Losses").

6.1. All payments will be made via Payza, PayPal, Neteller and BitCoin. No other method of payment is available at this time. You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you've used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount. The maximum amount you can request to the other payment processors is equal to the value of the purchases you've made through them individually. In the event of equal most value of purchases between two or more payment processors you can make an unlimited payment request for each one that is part of the purchase.

6.2. The minimum amount paid is $5.00. From the amount paid, a small fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.

6.4. All payments will be made within 48 hours after being requested. If any difficulties with payment processors it may take upto 10 business days.

6.5. Any refund of any payment we send you will be ignored and it won't be added back to your account nor sent again.

6.6. Your payment processor account must be fully functional and have no limitations for investment and/or withdrawals. Investments from limited or frozen payment processor accounts will be automatically denied. Withdrawals to limited or frozen accounts will be denied and will not be refunded to your Trafficwages's balance.

6.7. You must have a correct and existing Payza, PayPal, Neteller email address and / or a correct BitCoin Address. All payments will go directly to that user's email address and cannot be canceled. To have your payment sent by PayPal, be sure to have a PayPal account in a country whose accounts can receive money by PayPal and log in from one of those countries.

7.1. All payments are to be made using the links available in the Trafficwages website. No other method of payment will be accepted.

7.2. All payments made via Paypal must be from verified accounts, any failure to correspond this requirement will be denied and the amount will be refunded back to your account.

7.3. All chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension.

8.1. All purchased items are non-refundable as they are instantly delivered upon purchase. We document records of all orders, transactions and ip addresses. We also make the terms of service visible within every page of the website.

8.2. In case user opens dispute against Trafficwages for a purchased item, it will lead to immediate account suspension and your ip being banned on the server. PayPal purchase protection is not applied for intangible items or virtual goods according to 13.3 of their user agreement.

9.1. We have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason including, but not limited to, the disrespect of our Terms of Service.

9.2. All suspended accounts will be archived and you cannot register using the same username or email addresses.

9.3. After 180 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 365 days of inactivity.

Trafficwages may contain links from third-parties. We do not control, investigate, monitor or check such web sites, we are not responsible for the computer programs available from, content in or opinions expressed at such web sites, and we do not investigate, monitor or check. If you decide to leave the site and access any third-party web site, you do so at your own risk.

Nothing in this Agreement creates any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between you and Trafficwages. You understand that you do not have authority to make or accept any offers or make any representations on behalf of Trafficwages. You may not make any statement, whether on your site or otherwise, that would contradict anything in this section. You are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any taxes for money earned from Trafficwages Advertisers and/or Trafficwages.

Websites containing malicious script or code, excessive pop-ups, or viruses are prohibited. In summary, and without being exhaustive, no sites promoting the follow shall be submitted to Trafficwages: Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Tobacco Sales Discriminatory Practices Hate / Violence Sites Weapons Sales Pharmaceutical Sales Illegal Downloads including movies, MP3, software etc. Trafficwages reserves the right to reject advertisements at our sole discretion. No refunds will be issued if your ad campaign is cancelled for promoting malicious or illegal content. And a discressionary fine of up to 50,000 Star Ad Points may be deducted from any offending purchases.

Trafficwages may without warning increase or decrease our prices for account upgrades, ad pack purchases and other advertisements. In the event that we decrease our pricing, Trafficwages will not offer a refund for the difference in pricing to any member who made a purchase at the higher price.

You may not promote your referral links through unsolicited emailing (i.e. spamming), newsgroup postings, job sites, classified ad sites or any other method of mass communication. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of your membership with Trafficwages, and may result in legal prosecution. Trafficwages strictly enforces anti-spamming laws. Spamming is a federal crime. Any member caught Spamming will not only have their account terminated immediately and lose any past, present and future earnings, but shall also be held liable for spamming as we shall cooperate with any authorities and investigations that may arise from the spamming incident. Trafficwages may fine your account up to $100 per spam email or posted website that is reported to us.

The Trafficwages logo and names are Trafficwages’s intellectual property. You agree not to display or use the logo or names, or the name of “”. Further, all content that is made available to view in connection with the Trafficwages excluding content that may be made available by end-users through a linked site, is owned by and is the copyrighted work of Trafficwages and is protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

This is a legal Agreement between You and Trafficwages and by clicking on the registration button if You are acting on behalf of Yourself as an individual) or Your Company (if You are acting on behalf of Your Company) The member agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this member Agreement. By accepting this user Agreement You are hereby bound to the rules. Please read this entire member Agreement carefully before accepting its terms.

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